Beagle™ plans your exercise and diet with a breath.
Whether you’re following the ketogenic diet, fasting,
or exercising for your well-being, Beagle has your back.

Beagle™ is the enabler for self-growth, helping users reach their goal effectively by providing a real understanding about their progress.

How Beagle™ works


Breath towards Beagle™
after exercise


Beagle™ will measures
the concentration of
ketones in you breathe


Beagle™ will inform
how much fat is burnt
after exercise

Feature 1

Knows You in
a Huff

Unlike any breath analyzers on the market, your lips
never needed to touch Beagle. The design inspiration
for Beagle was simple: to let you understand your health
without anybarriers.

The device starts up and is ready to use within 30 seconds of  activation. Comparable devices on the market take anywhere from 2 to 15 minutes to start up.

Feature 2

Not Only for Yourself

Beagle lets you and the people you care to be healthy
together. Easily change user profile, whether you are
using Beagle by yourself or with a group of people
everyone’s data can be organized correspondingly.


The device requires no direct oral contact from users–users can simply huff at the device without any contact.

Feature 3

Powerful Insights

Beagle brings a laboratory level of precision and versatility
to your palm. Not only Beagle detects your breath ketone for
fat-burning rate, but it also detects breath CO2 level for
overall metabolic rate, ammonia for possible bacteria
infection, and ethanol for alcohol intoxication.

After use, the device will self-clear and be ready for its next reading and analysis within a minute, compared to 2-15 minutes clear time from other comparable products.

Feature 4

Internet of Health

Beagle operates on a RF system on a Chip – WiFi Dual Core
Bluetooth Combo. More than a way to back up and manage
your data. See your data on our companion app or directly
access the cloud database with a computer.

Beagle™ will deploy with a companion application that can read the data from the device and be able to give a further detailed report, and make recommendations depending on the user’s needs.