Empowering Lifestyle with a Breath
Your Next Metabolism Measurement Kit


Current technologies in ketone sensing are either highly invasive or offer ketone sensing with low sensitivity. Our sensor is 1000X more sensitive than any other existing product.

Instant Results

Breath with AutoKeto to analyze your real-time body condition.  When a person starts to burn more fat the breath ketone concentration would increase. A person seeing instant positive results is a motivated person.

Diet Monitoring

In the morning you take a measurement with AutoKeto. Continue your diet throughout the week. If your new diet works AutoKeto will tell you way before your weight does.

Lifestyle Suggestions

Based on your measured body condition, AutoKeto suggests the better ways to improve your healthy lifestyle with our proprietary algorithm. 

Instant Results

Real-time tracking on body conditions with mobile application


Proprietary Sensors

Our sensor is 1000X more sensitive than any other existing product

Diet monitoring

Take measurement everyday to monitor the body ketone levels

Breath out,
let AutoKeto does its job.

Real-time monitoring and tracking of your breath acetone levels, the key to knowing your body fat burning efficiency. With our proprietary technology and algorithm, your fat burning journey is now becoming more intuitive.


We build our own sensors

AutoKeto is powered exclusively by our proprietary sensor technologies. Semiconductor materials are sprayed on the electrodes to form the sensor. The patented fabrication technique allows the sensor to be scalable for industrial production in low cost.